About Superior Pools

About Us - pool builder

Experienced Excellence

Superior Pools is a third generation residential and commercial swimming pool builder that comes with 35 years of experience in the industry. Our owner Peter Johnson brings a wealth of hands-on, technical know-how and real world problem solving capability to bear on each and every Superior Pool project. With over 3 decades worth of experience, he has been able to brought together a talented design team and skilled in house construction crew to ensure the highest quality work possible.

Original Design

The Superior Pools design team specialize in drafting imaginative aquatic dreams on paper, and bringing them to glorious life in the backyards, neighborhoods and commercial properties of customers throughout North and South Carolina.  From a fun family retreat that never ceases to keep your kids and their friends entertained, to a lavish and sophisticated water feature designed to get your development noticed, Superior Pools and Spas’ designs feature an uncommon depth of originality and a quality of workmanship that other companies can only aspire to.

Amazing Results

We believe that the foundation of Superior Pools construction is always superior design, and to that end, we blend time-tested architectural principles with thought and creativity to produce drafts that are both artistically beautiful and highly functional. Next, we use only proven construction methods and high-quality materials as we take your project from concept to completion. The result is a product of incomparable beauty and unsurpassed durability that will serve you, your family, or your facility for years and years to come.